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WorkComp Solutions and their team of experts worked with the State to change my workers compensation classifications, which saved me $11,326 a year.

WorkComp Solutions reviewed our workers compensation classification codes and was able to amend the classification code from 3632 Machine Shop at a rate of 4.65 per $100 to code 3113 Tool Mfg at a rate of 3.05 per $100.

WorkComp Solutions was able to work with our prior workers compensation carrier to correct our audit, resulting in an overall savings of $14,314.

WorkComp Solutions worked with us to implement a safety program and return to work program.  Our experience modification factor was 1.62 in 2011 and it is now .84 in 2016.

WorkComp Solutions helped me to implement a safety program and advised me on recruiting the right employees.  When they took over my account, my experience modification factor was 2.41 and it is currently .88. 

WorkComp Solutions negotiated to reduce workers compensation reserve with my previous carrier which resulted in a 23% reduction of my experience modification factor.

WorkComp Solutions reviewed my workers compensation audit from my previous carrier and found an error in the way that some of my employees were classified, this resulted in a returns of $7,826.

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