Causes of Errors

Once you understand why errors occur, you can see how easily you may be leaving money on the table. Here are common causes of errors that we will work with you to correct:

  • Not knowing your minimum Experience Modification Factor - and not realizing how much money you're wasting because of this.
  • Not having processes in place to reach your minimum Experience Modification Factor.
  • Misclassifying employees.
  • Injured employees off the job too long receiving insurance company money.
  • Lower productivity and mistakes when injured employees are off and other, less experience, employees fill in.
  • Work flow disruptions  when an employee is injured.
  • Poor hiring practices putting the wrong people in the wrong positions.
  • Inadequately trained supervisors.
  • Delays in reporting employee injuries.
  • Cost of slow response by medical providers, claims adjusters and/or employer when an injury occurs.